Welkom bij Viefggz

"Van focus op ziekte naar nadruk op gezondheid"


At Viefggz we diagnose, treat, guide and coach adults aged 18 and over with psychological problems. As briefly as possible and for as long as necessary.
The aim of the consultations is to improve the overall quality of your health and your quality of life by, in addition to the treatment of your psychological symptoms, placing special emphasis on your ability to continue to function well (both mentally and physically) in everyday life and to better manage your symptoms. In doing so, you retain control over your own life.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be the first ambulatory nurse-led clinic in the Netherlands to offer accesible, high-quality and innovative care, to a client population that in the current market is often on a waiting list for months before diagnosis or treatment can start and is regularly found to be too complex.
We at Viefggz do not believe in months of waiting lists and partitions, but in an efficient, well-considered, sustainable treatment approach based on the most recent evidence-based guidelines and care standards, in which we do not shy away from complex care requests taking into account the limits of our own expertise. The client and his or her request for help are always central, whereby the treatment can be as protocol-based and short as possible, but also as long and intensive as necessary. The requested care can be provided ambulatory, at home in the client's own environment or digitally.

We are well versed in sorting out complex diagnostic issues due to our multidisciplinary approach. Our treatment approach can consist of psychological-, psychotherapeutic-, nursing-, systemic- and/or pharmacological treatments with accompanying monitoring and somatic screening in which motivational interviewing and coaching with regard to improving lifestyle can also be a part. In addition, we offer pathway guidance and due to the multidisciplinary character we have the possibility to scale up and down care quickly if necessary.
Therefore, both people with single complaints and where possible a short care pathway, as well as complex (rehabilitation) issues focused on recovery, complaint reduction and / or stabilization and improvement of the quality of life and participation in society can be treated with us. Medical specialist requests for help are also dealt with quickly and we can move flexibly with the client because there are no unnecessary partitions that could slow down the process, thus providing more cost-effective care.

Finally, we have close partnerships with other mental health providers in the region to jointly address the current waiting list issues.

From focus on illness to focus on health.

Our Practice
We are a small institution run by two nurse specialists.
The multidisciplinary team also consists of 2 psychiatrists, 4 psychotherapists, 1 GZ-psychologist, 1 social worker, 1 SPV and 1 secretarial and administrative assistant.
After registration, during the first contact we map out together with you what your needs are and which treatment best suits them. Our aim is to have as much contact as possible with one permanent practitioner, but sometimes it turns out after the intake that another practitioner's expertise is better suited to your needs. Within the institution we have the possibility to consult with other practitioners about the treatment and, in consultation with you, to have the treatment carried out by another practitioner than the practitioner who performed the intake.
The treatment sessions can be supportive and structuring in nature , as well as behavioral therapeutic, where we additionally use various forms of therapy such as: Individual psychotherapy, Schematherapy, CBT, PST, EMDR, Systemic therapy, Partner relationship therapy, ACT, motivational interviewing and lifestyle counseling. Medication adjustment or follow-up may also be part of treatment, with accompanying somatic counseling.
In addition to regular face-to-face treatment contacts, digital care is also offered in the form of E-health and video calling.

For Whom
You can come to us for treatment, guidance or coaching for:
- Depressive complaints
- Anxiety complaints
- Complaints after experiencing a traumatic event
- Problems with mourning
- Complaints when you get stuck in your job
- In case of suspected ADHD or problems arising from ADHD

- Problems stemming from an autism spectrum disorder (no diagnostics)
- Tailor-made medication advice (starting and following up antidepressants or antipsychotics) or follow-up and physical/lab checks if you are already taking these medications or a mood stabiliser)
- Aftercare if you have already completed a specialist course

Unfortunately, we cannot treat you if your primary question for care is based on addiction problems or psychotic disorders and if you have no fixed place of residence.

You always need a referral from your GP for treatment. Your GP must indicate on your referral letter why this care is needed.
During the first intake interview, together we will map out your symptoms and request for help. In this way, we can assess whether the therapist has the right expertise to treat your complaints. It is also possible that we advise you to seek help elsewhere. This depends on how busy the practice is (waiting times) and the nature of the problem.
It is also important to bring valid proof of identity to the first consultation.
You can register via the link below. Upon receipt, we will contact you by e-mail within a week.

In order to qualify for treatment that is covered by your basic insurance, you must have a referral letter from your GP in which the GP describes the problem or suspicion of a diagnosis.
We use the legally determined rates, section III mono-disciplinary, as determined by the Dutch Health Care Authority. More information can be found at:   https://zorgprestatiemodel.nza.nl/

Because we at Viefggz want to offer the quality of care we think is necessary, with sufficient time and personal attention to determine together with you what you need at any given time, in which we do not want to be limited by agreements, we have chosen not to enter into contracts with health insurance companies for the time being.
On 1 January 2022, the care performance model was introduced throughout the Netherlands. This means that the invoice for the treatment will be sent to you every month. You are then responsible for submitting this invoice to your health insurer. We follow the principle of "planning = realisation". This means that you can assume that we actually do what has been planned.
Our invoice then states the number of consultations, the type of consultations and who carried them out. The other time your practitioner spends on the treatment, such as reporting, telephone calls, consultation, is part of such a consultation. This makes the bill for such a consultation high.
The reimbursement you will receive for the treatment depends on the type of policy you have. Not all health care policies are the same and the reimbursements can vary considerably. It is therefore important to check in advance what care policy you have.

With a restitution policy, you will usually receive the highest reimbursement, but it is also important to read the conditions carefully. If it says: "We reimburse 100% of the NZA-tarif", then the health insurance reimburses all costs, after deduction of the excess. However, if it states: "We reimburse 100% of the average contracted rate", the health insurance company will apply a lower rate and you will still not be reimbursed for part of the costs, which means that, in addition to the excess, you will also have to pay a personal contribution for the care costs incurred.
With a natura policy, you will receive a lower reimbursement. The reimbursements differ per health care insurance and are usually between 50-80% with a natura policy. In your case, this means that you will have to pay part of the bill yourself.
Please note that regardless of which health insurance policy or policy you have, a statutory excess always applies. For 2022 this has been set at a minimum of €385.

A few health insurers will only reimburse treatment by a non-contracted care provider if you request permission in advance!
We therefore advise you, if you are considering treatment at Viefggz, to contact your health insurer first and ask the following questions:
- "I am considering treatment at Viefggz. This is a GGZ institution that offers non-contracted care".
- "What percentage do you reimburse for my treatment at Viefggz"?
- "Do I have to ask for permission for my treatment in advance"?
- "Are there any additional requirements or conditions, such as a maximum number of sessions"?
- "May I receive the information in writing and make a note of who I have spoken to"?

No show

If you are unable to attend an appointment, please cancel by telephone or email at least 24 hours in advance. In case of late cancellation or no-show, we will charge a fee of €75 which is not covered by the insurance.

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